Are you looking for cases for your iPhone XS? You have stumbled upon the right place. We, here, have a review of one of the finest and stylish phone cases that will not only provide an elegant look but also the required protection that it needs. To secure your heavy investment due to the purchase of an iPhone XS, we present you the simplest of the covers to enhance the long-term use of your iPhone XS. But, do not skip this Totallee’s Thin case because of its simplicity for it has multiple features at a very reasonable price.


The Totallee’s Thin case, as the name suggests, is ultra-thin and carries a slim profile along the line of the iPhone XS. With a width of about 0.02 inches and only 0.1 in weight, it has the privilege of being the thinnest phones on the market.

Being ultra-slim, it does not add bulk while being pocket-friendly. It has no watermark or any coherent branding design visible on the case, marking it as a clear, thin, elegant case for all iPhone XS users.

Genuine quality:

Although the phone case is made up of a single plastic layer, it is of one of the best qualities in the market. It is comprised of premium quality polypropylene material that offers maximum protection in its thin profile.

Through the thin layer, the iPhone XS will be able to easily breathe and promote thermal dissipation indirectly. The high-quality of the case permits the user to install and remove the case with ease. Furthermore, it forms a tight relation with the phone while preventing peeling and deterioration of the cover.

High-quality protection:

The Totallee’s Thin case may be a thin profile cover, but it offers maximum protection in its attire. With raised lips for the camera and the screen, it targets the safeguard of your iPhone XS as an utmost priority.

Moreover, it enhances the user experience by pretending to be a boundary against all the potential daily scratches and bumps encountered due to a clumsy or accidental fall. It wraps the phone around all the sides and proves to be providing overall protection while even offering security against the faintest hairline scratches.


The Totallee’s Thin case, however thin and slim, does carry an elegant look to it. Moreover, for the people who want to flaunt off the beautiful specs of their iPhone XS with the addition of the cover, are in for a treat. This case is semi-transparent in a way that the thin layer offers sophisticated visibility of the apple logo through the cover, assuring the mentioned users.

Value for cost:

For an affordable price of 25$, it comes in a variety of colors to best suit your preference. With durable protection and utilization, the company of the Totallee’s Thin case offers a 30-day money back warranty in order to assure you of the quality investment you have incorporated in. the cover also provides a wireless charging feature, further making it one of the best options for iPhone XS users.