The new iPhone XS is a beauty to look at. With its sleek and stylish looks, it does grab attention. Though it is essential that you safeguard it from scratches and shatters.

One can never predict when a phone may encounter an impact or rub against a rough surface. Though encasing a phone doesn’t mean you hide its original look away. The iPhone XS requires a lavish case to complement its lavish design and technology.

This review is about Ted Baker AW18 Phase 2 for iPhone XS

Case Specifications

The Ted Baker is a flap or folio case that will perfectly satisfy your fashion-forward needs and protects your phone from harm too. The case prevents from daily wear and tear with its simple clip-on case. The case is also ultra-thin, and light weighted. It does not add bulk to the phone at all.

Luxurious Leather

There are no annoying straps in this folio case that get stuck everywhere. It comes with a Flip back magnetic folio cover to snap shut the debris away. The case is composed of leather cut and sew effect with electroplated metal shell incorporation. The metal will bounce back hard impacts and the rich dense leather cut gives it a luxurious feel combating gentle thuds and bumps. Though it doesn’t hide your phone’s original beauty.

Protection Ensured

The clip-on shell has cutouts for the volume and power buttons that align immaculately. The top and bottom are not covered by the metallic shell, letting the XS shine through.

Raised bezels for the camera cutouts and the screen ensure the screen does not come in direct contact with the opposite flap or any surface if the folio happens to be open.

Ted and Baker case comes with a year of warranty. If the case does not meet expectations in a year. You can always contact Ted and Baker.


The edges of the cutouts are bordered by the sheen metallic shell giving rigidity to the case and a chic twist.

The flap opposite to the phone has a mirror to pamper you along the way. You should look ravishing with your iPhone XS. This case is perfect for people who like to stay on point and touch up whenever, wherever they wish. The mirror has an antique gold shimmery border to it. It’s not a plain mirror stuck with glue, but it properly placed into the flap. Ted Baker logo is on the top border of the mirror.

Color and Design

Coming towards the color and design, the gold metal complements the marble pick background. The marble background is pink with darker pink and grey streaks. This is further intriguingly twisted with a glittery gold geometric design, looking a lot like a honeycomb. The gold metallic border and the glittery pattern makes the subtle marble design stand out.

Now, you and your iPhone XS will look like the ultimate extravaganza with this Ted Bakers AW18 Phase 2.

Price Point

The case stands at £44.95 at the Proporta official site with free shipping. You don’t get a better deal than this.