A true and loyal iPhone fan can never switch or own anything other than an iPhone, Apple has made a mark which by all means is above the others. It has made its reputation by providing all the amazing features and sleek outlook. Apple launches new phones every year with the best and updated features almost every year making it much better and upgraded than the previous version of the phone. The newest launch by Apple is iPhone XS, which is another successor in the X series, having all which the improved features to make your experience much more satisfying. The moment you get your hands on the iPhone XS, the only motto of yours become to shield it and protect it from every possible harm and damage.

To find a case for iPhone XS can be a big hassle as being a newer phone there are lesser cases for this phone which can actually fulfill your needs for a high-quality sleek and protecting case. Which is also functional. You don’t want something which is just functional but you also need it to be stylish. Certainly, nobody likes a case which is very functional but is not sleek and aesthetic or doesn’t have an appealing design. Getting a new phone is not only exciting but its new features always surprise you and let you have an amazing experience. So, the case you get for it shall also be u to the mark and has the best features it can have.

Moshi presents you a case you want with all the qualities you need. Here is a review for the Moshi stealth cover that can help find what so good this case has got and why should you prefer it over the other cases.

Military grade protection

What do you want for your phone? Obviously, you want it to be protected first and the rest of the things come afterward. This case will definitely protect it and has this military-grade protection to keep it safe in case of accidental drops and scratches. It also provides a firm grip so that it doesn’t slip.

This highly safe and prone to damage case is what you need and fulfills the first requirement you have for your phone case.


It is a translucent case which will let you check the notifications and even facetime while keeping the screen of your phone all protected and completely safe. You don’t have to flip the cover open to check or look at the screen of your phone.


It is not just functional but also very stylish and tailored well to suit your personality which is another reason to choose this perfectly crafted case. It also offers many colors for you to choose from.


It costs $52 which isn’t very expensive for a case like this. It will get give your phone full proof protection and it is also high in quality and style which is why it has to be your pick among the many other cases.