Durability and reliability are what you want while looking for a case for your phone. Being an iPhone user and owning the newer version of it, you might be well aware of the fact that the cases for a newly launched phone is comparatively difficult and might not meet all your requirements. The newly launched iPhone XS is the latest in line in the X series, cam with the much-updated features than that of X and has been winning the hearts ever since. The better camera quality or the widescreen, wireless fast charging and outrageous speed are why everybody is becoming the fan of it, not only that but the sleek glass body which is crafted to perfection but being so aesthetically appealing it will also need full proof protection to secure the ultra sleek but sensitive glass body. Whereas Apple has made its mark by maintaining its core value that its simplicity and elegance.

Finding a case is never an easy task that too with all the requirements of having high protection, proper functionality, sleek style, and many others.  To find a case that can fit like a glove and has precise cutouts along with very good quality and equally amazing style is intricate. A pocket-friendly case with rest of all the other qualities might be a bit complicated to find. Greenwich presents you a super amazing case which will not only protect but will also give your iPhone XS a complete and all around safety. That is not just that, it uses a high-quality material and along with that, it has a very unique design which is equally decent and it will suit your personality really well.

Here is a review for the Greenwich AW18 collection, so that you can choose the best for your very favorite iPhone XS and keep it protected and safe yet high in style.


The luxury British accessories brand that is Greenwich has launched its very unique and highly stylish collection of the case, made with high-quality leather ensuring the reliability you want and also promising it to last really long. It uses the same leather that Bentley Motors use and has a carbon fiber plating. It also has the electroplated edges as to keep your phone safe and secure away from any kind of damage.


You don’t want a cover to have just the attraction but zero functionality, here is a collection of cases for you to choose from where you can find the style along with high functionality. Greenwich launched a collection which will satisfy all your requirements. They have a handy cardholder for you to carry your cards easily so that you don’t have to carry a wallet everywhere you go, provides protection from scratches and drops, has electroplated edges and a carbon fiber lining to enhance the protection and security.


It is a bit pricey for the lather it uses, but definitely worth the investment of your money. It is available for $125.