Amazon has been providing high-class customer services since 1994. They have kept a standard and promise customers excellent online shopping experience. It’s the unbreakable trust buyers have on Amazon that hinders them from going to eBay and others.

The advancing internet era and people switching to online shopping have proven as a very beneficial advantage for retailers. People trust Amazon and sellers use that to their advantage. Amazon gives them a global platform for customers to lay a solid foundation for their businesses. Though there has been an increase in sellers and Amazon keeps them in check through their rules and regulations.

What happens when I violate any rule on Amazon?

You go through Amazon Account Suspension. They have to maintain customer trust, otherwise, there will be no buyers for other sellers to cater to. If any rules are violated or you don’t meet Amazon’s expectations, you meet your fate with Amazon Account Suspension. Your orders will be halted, and profits will stop.

Has Amazon canceled my seller account?

Amazon Account Suspension is postponing your retail. It doesn’t mean you are fired from Amazon. It just means that Amazon is taking your count under strict consideration.

Amazon Account Suspension means you ended up breaking their rules or messed up shipment or customers. Amazon must be submitted an appeal, which should showcase your willingness to be serious towards your retail items.

What can get me suspended from Amazon?

There are a lot of factors that may end you in Amazon Account Suspension. Mainly these factors fall under two broad headings. One is violating Amazon policies, and the other is failing interest of buyers in your product.

Breaking Policies of Amazon

Amazon Account Suspension happens largely because of breaking their rules. A number of factors matter in that. One is selling restricted items. You have to comply with the categories Amazon provides you to sell items. While you are signing up to an Amazon Account they provide you with terms and conditions. If you read them carefully, you’ll know there are some items you are not at all allowed to sale. Another factor is, opening more than one selling account. Amazon extends one account to one seller. Don’t get greedy, otherwise, you will face Amazon Account Suspension.

Popularity With The Buyer

Customer services are everything at Amazon. Don’t get in the bad books of buyers, you will end up in knots. If you happen to audit your account, you will see that Amazon provides a chart showing the charts of shipments, sales, and profits. You need to keep these charts above a certain level. If you succeed you will keep the buyer satisfied. Ignoring reviews, feedbacks, questions or claims from customers only frustrates them which leads to increased complaints and you getting Amazon Account Suspension. If you are sloppy with sales or get in heated arguments, this will only lead to Amazon Account Suspension.

To avoid Amazon Account Suspension, keep auditing and checking your account for loopholes. Re-reading the terms and conditions and seeking Amazon for help won’t hurt if you want to run your account smoothly.