Who wouldn’t want to encase their phone with an aesthetic looking case and protect it? When the phone you have is iPhone XS, on which you have spent a fortune you will want to protect it in every possible way. You don’t want to spend some more money on the repairing and fixings which is why you need a case which not only encases your iPhone XS and secures it but also has a good design to make a style statement and is also drop protected.

Finding a high-quality case is not so easy with all the requirement of safety, security, design, and style. For a good quality case, you will have to look through many possible options to find the right case that not only protects the phone but also fits your phone well and is precisely cut and crafted for your iPhone XS. The precision of fitting the phone like a glove is important, a well fit case is certainly what you would need for your iPhone XS.

Here is the review for the Gear4 Victoria case, to help you choose and find out what so good it has which will make it the best choice for your iPhone XS, and suit your personality and requirements the best possible way.


Protection is what your biggest concern it, and has to be the most important requirement. It uses D30 which is used to make spots helmets, military helmets, and industrial gear because of its quality of protection. It is the thinnest and finest material for impact protection. It has military drop protection which will protect your phone in case of accidental drops or if slipped through your hands and from the possible scratches caused due to dust when put upside down. It will give you full proof protection. And fit your phone very well. the edges of the case are made with accuracy to easily slide on and off from your phone without damaging the edges.


Along with protection, you will also need a stylish case, because you certainly don’t want to put your phone into something bulky or tacky, you want something to suit you and your personality. This Victoria set is perfectly tailored to match your demands and requirements.

It is definitely high in style and made with good quality, and ensures the durability and reliability of the case. It is designed to last longer so that you don’t have to spend money again and again and go through the hassle of finding a good case for your iPhone XS. Gear4 victoria is designed keeping in mind all the odds and needs of its customers and with the use of good quality material.


It is available for $40, which with the use of such high-quality material and for such a high-end case is very reasonable. It is definitely worth the investment and would leave you at peace for as long as you have your phone. It is worth buying such an amazing case that is crafted to perfection.